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Edalex Solutions partners with video platform ilos

February 8, 2017

Edalex Solutions is pleased to announce a partnership with ilos, a video platform for businesses and universities to seamlessly record, edit, host, and close-caption video content.  

An Australian-based educational services company, Edalex Solutions will provide business development, account management, consulting and client support services for the ilos platform within the Australian and New Zealand markets. A Minnesota-based company, ilos provides an easy-to-use video capture and playback platform that seamlessly integrates with popular LMSes, whilst also solving common accessibility issues by providing market-leading one-click captioning.  

“The market has been looking for a cost-effective, enterprise video platform that is easy-to-use. We believe ilos is that solution.” said Dan McFadyen Managing Director, Edalex Solutions.  “In addition, the seamless integration of closed captioning - completed in under 24 hours via a single click -  greatly increases the accessibility and the utility of the videos.”

In addition to the range of services that will be delivered as part of the partnership, Edalex and ilos will also collaborate on creating an integration with the EQUELLA digital repository, enabling existing users to benefit from ilos’s expansive capabilities.  

“We are thrilled to introduce ilos to the Australian and New Zealand market through our partnership with Edalex Solutions,” said Sean Higgins, Co-Founder and Head of Business Development at ilos.  “Much like our clients in other markets, we recognize the need for a video capture tool that has a strong focus on emerging accessibility needs. Local support provided by Edalex Solutions will provide the rapid engagement prized by our clients elsewhere in the world.”

ilos provides a powerful suite of tools to capture, edit, caption, manage, discover and share videos. Built from the ground-up with cloud technologies, ilos is designed to scale with the needs of any institution in a cost-effective manner. Academics can begin creating, captioning, and sharing videos in under 3 minutes.

For more information about ilos, or to arrange a demonstration, please contact

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